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We have some awesome offers.

Start saving your business money now.


Cloud/Voip Desk Phones

You trade Global,

whilst your customers

call local...

Desk phones enable fixed device communication and models cover every possible budget and enterprise-grade feature requirement that is possible to think of.

REMEMBER - Not all handsets are supplied with a power adapter as they are PoE (power over ethernet) enabled.

Cloud/Voip Portable Dect phones

DECT (cordless) handsets offer versatile mobile business communication functionality. Ideal for environments that aren't suitable for fixed telephones such as outside or buildings without cabling.

REMEMBER - Handsets and base stations are not interchangeable between manufacturers and the wireless range and number of handsets per base does vary.

Headsets Wired and Wireless

Audio quality and comfort choices for every budget.
REMEMBER - Not all headsets are compatible with every phone in our range.

Routers and Modems

Routers that work seamlessly with VoIP networks and offer a wide range or configurable features for all business and deployment types.

Contract Free Mobiles

Our Mega Bundle combines all the features of a big business inbound call handling system plus the versatility of Outbound dialling from various devices in one simple, affordable package!


Subject to survey we will carefully remove and Re-Cycle your existing system for cash and dispose of your hardware sensitively,then look to renew your system with a feature rich future proof solution whilst at the same time reducing all your Telecommunication costs

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